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Study plan

Students at the beginning of their Master’s studies receive a total of 144 ECTS credit vouchers (24 in reserve). For the completion of Master´s degree, students have to collect a total of 120 ECTS in the following structure:

  • mandatory courses (group hP) 45 ECTS;
  • elective courses (group hV) at least 18 ECTS;
  • language course or courses in other than English language at least 6 ECTS;
  • industry focused manadatory course (group hV1) at least 3 ECTS
  • Minor specialization courses incl. Minor Field State Exam 33 ECTS
  • Major Field State Exam, Theses Defence, State Exam in Economics 15 ECTS

Students may choose from two Minor specializations:

Recommended study plans: