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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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What is the master program tuition at the University of Economics in Prague?
The fee was set at 3600, – EUR / year.

How to obtain a study visa to the Czech Republic?
See more…

What is the length of master study program at the University of Economics in Prague?
The standard length of study is two years. The maximum duration of master education is specified in Study and Examination Rules.

Where is it possible to obtain study literature?
Textbooks and other printed materials could be obtained at the university bookstore at Rajska Budova Building or at the university library located in Stara Budova in Zizkov. Some learning materials will be provided by teachers as part of their courses in electronic or paper form.

Is it possible to arrange an accommodation in university dormitories?
Yes. However, room availability depends on each dormitory. See more…

What ID cards are used at the University of Economics and where is it possible to obtain these cards?
Identification cards are issued at ID cards office:

Leoš Havlíček
Office: 22 Sb
Telephone: 224 09 5831

Students have the option to ask for a student’s standard chip card, which is valid only for the University for 290, – CZK or a chip card with student license ISIC for 340,- CZK. See more…

Do I need nostrification/recognition of bachelor degree?
Yes. Students, who have not completed bachelor degree in the Czech Republic or Slovakia shall provide the nostrification/recognition of their bachelor diploma.

Where is it possible to obtain nostrification/recognition of diploma?

Any public university in the Czech Republic. If you have studied economic field, you can apply for nostrification/recognition of bachelor diploma at the University of Economics, Prague. If you have studied other field, you need to apply at the university where the field is offered (e.g. if you studied languages you can apply at the Charles University in Prague, etc.).

Is the attendance at lessons obligatory?
Basically yes. Specific requirements for each course are shown in the annotation of each course.

Where can I get the confirmation of study?
MIMG Programme coordinator, RB 326.

How to apologize for an absence at lessons?
All of these questions are specified in Study and Examination Rules.

How much reserve credits do I have?
To finish the master program it is necessary to obtain 120 credits (control points). Each student gets in addition 24 credit vouchers for an unsuccessful examination of any course. For more details, see Study and Examination Rules.

What is the minimum number of credits per session?
According to the Study and Examination Rules, each student should acquire by the end of the semester the number of credits which equals the sequence of the semester multiplied 20 times. For example, by the end of the fourth semester, the student must obtain at least 4 * 20 credits. Not meeting this condition leads to exclusion from the program.

Is there a scholarship provided according to the results achieved?
Yes, under certain conditions beginning from the third semester according to Study and Examination Rules.

Is it possible to move between master study programs provided by the faculty of Business administration or other Faculties at the University of Economics, Prague?
To change for Czech study program or programs provided by other faculties, passing new entrance exams is required.