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Minor Specialization

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The aim of minor specialization Consulting is the development of strategic and creative thinking as the key aspect of successful managing business growth and performance.

After completing minor specialization, the students should be able to:

  • Apply principles of strategic thinking with the emphasis on developing creative thinking (design thinking)
  • Avoid making wrong decisions resulting from limited human rationality
  • Suggest possible future scenarios and their use for business growth
  • Use information systems to effectively monitor competitors
  • Specifically define strategic problem and present own solutions

Mandatory courses:

  • Growth strategies – 6 ECTS
  • Corporate performance management – 6 ECTS
  • Development of interpersonal skills – 6 ECTS
  • Competitive and Business intelligence – 6 ECTS
  • Design Thinking and anthropology in strategy – 6 ECTS


Our corporate partners who actively participate in minor specialization courses are:

Project management

The aim of this minor specialization is to provide a comprehensive program of knowledge, skills development for project management and training for positions in Project Management. Learning is based on demonstration of practical project situations, case studies and involvement of Project Managers from different businesses into lectures. The very valuable part of the minor specialization is the project internship – students work on a company real project even during their study, which afterwards helps to start their professional career.

After completing minor specialization, the students should be able to:

  • Use the principles and specifics of project management to apply effective processes and tools on basic and advanced levels
  • focus on social and psychological aspects of project work including cross-cultural environment
  • employ new trends in project management
  • lead project teams


Mandatory courses

  • Introduction to project management – 6 ECTS
  • Project manager competencies – 6 ECTS
  • Advanced project management processes – 6 ECTS
  • Cross-cultural impacts on project management – 6 ECTS
  • Project internship – 6 ECTS

Students may also use topics taught in minor field courses as their diploma thesis.