Course Registration

Course pre-registration for the Summer Semester 2019 will take place  January 3 – 22, 2019 (see the deadlines below). During this time, students have to register for all classes they want to study.

You need to register for all courses at the University of Economics, Prague through the university information system InSISNo other option!!!

It consists of 3 stages:

  1. Pre-registration
  2. Automated registration
  3. Enrollment

   1. Pre-registration

The pre-registration serves to collect the interests of students in courses. If you do not show an interest in the course, you have basically no chance to register it after the pre-registration is closed (only if there are remaining free places in the “Enrolment stage” – see below).

The pre-registration will be opened from January 3 – 22, 2019  23:59 CEST*At this stage, students show their interest in the courses they wish to study. It is absolutely necessary to pre-register for courses she/he would like to take. It is possible to pre-register also for a course, for which the system displays “there is no free capacity anymore”. Since the pre-registration is a system of orders, there is no time competition among students, there is no first come first served basis – you can pre-register the courses also on the last day and it will have no impact on your participation at the courses.

If you miss the pre-registration – you will have no courses to study at the University!!
You should choose courses at least for 20 ECTS.

Be careful!! If you order more courses and you get them confirmed during the automated registration, you have to study them! If not, it means you failed and you will have the grade written on your Transcript of Records (that will be sent to your home university directly). We recommend to register the courses you really want/need to study, and if, after the first automated registration you won’t get them, you can register them during the registration period if there is a free spot.

→ Regular Course Registration Guide (in pictures)  ←

   2. Automated registration

Automated registration starts on January 28, 2019 and it is a process, where the student is not involved. During this time, the registration to courses is not open.

Each course has its capacity, in the pre-registration phase all students select their wished courses and their planned schedules. Then, the automated registration takes place and compares the students’ demand and the capacity of the course and select the students (based on several criteria) that will be registered.

After this stage, you will see if you got the courses registered or not.
  • If there is a confirmed time, the course is registered.
  • If there is “not registered”, the course is not registered.

You can delete courses after the automated registration BUT you cannot end up with less credits that the system put through the automated registration – e.g. you registered for courses of total amount of 30 ECTS, after the automated registration you have 28 ECTS. So that is the minimum you have to study during the semester. You can add courses and delete another but you have to have still 28 ECTS as minimum.

   3. Registration/Enrolment

The enrollment starts on January 29, 2019. In this stage, students can only enroll in courses, where free spots are available.

This stage is based on time competition, first come, first served! (See the time schedule of the registration for the Summer Semester 2019 – time and date for changes based on the year of study). The free spots are visible in brackets. – Student can see, whether she/he was enrolled or not once she/he enters the enrollment.  If the student was not enrolled automatically, she/he needs to be fast and compete with others for the free spots.

Students who filled the evaluation forms of the subjects will be allowed to enter the system one hour earlier than the others!

During the enrollment stage, the student is able to add pre-registered courses to her/his previously planned schedule, if there is a free capacity. However, you cannot delete courses, if it means that you will not achieve the amount of ECTS you were automatically accepted according to your pre-registration order and you were signed up for!!!

There are 3 rounds – each round has its own rules:

1st round: January 29 – January 31, 2019
You can work only with the compulsory courses you once registered, but that were not confirmed. You have to check available seminar and confirm registration again.
2nd round: February 2, February 4-5, 2019
You can work only with the compulsory and optional courses you once registered, but that were not confirmed.
3rd round: February 7 – 9, 2019
You can sign up for all courses that are still available, also new courses which you did not register before.
 Drop/Add period: February 11 – 15, 2019
You are able to make final changes in your enrollment.


Dates of registration and courses enrollment for the Summer Semester 2019:

 Pre-registration of courses  January 3 to January 22
 Automated registration – system is closed for changes  January 28 
 1st round of registration  January 29 – 31 
 Automated registration – system is closed for changes  February 1
 2nd round of registration  February 2, February 4-5
 Automated registration – system is closed for changes  February 6
 3rd round of registration  February 7 – 9
 Drop/Add period  February 11 – 15
 Summer semester classes start  February 11

Central European Summer Time 
** no courses can be dropped after that date! Please plan your changes of courses accordingly.

Intensive courses

  • taught few days during the semester on intensive basis, in majority by hosting lecturers from another universities
  • check carefully the time table of the course which is inserted in the timetable in the section “NOTE” 
  • the day of the teaching mentioned in the time table is the first day of the teaching only!
  • Exchange students are only allowed to take a maximum of 2 intensive courses per semester
  • You should manage your registration of the intensive courses carefully – it is very likely that an intensive course will overlap with another regular course. If you are going to be absent in a regular course, you should let the respective lecturer know beforehand. Usually, in the regular course, there are 1-2 absences possible – always check with your lecturer first!
  1. a) those, you can choose already during the pre-registration
  • Course schedule indicates the day when the course starts, however in the course “NOTE” it is stated when the course is actually being taught (the “NOTE” is available in the syllabus next to the timetable of the course).
  • Registration through regular course registration – Course Registration Guide (in pictures) here.
  1. b) those, you can choose during the semester (i.e. Extra-semestral courses)
  • Offered usually during or after semester period, announced by Exchange office
  • Registration through the extra-semestral course registration

→ Extra-semestral Course Registration Guide (in pictures)  ←