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Do you want to expand your knowledge as well as gain practical experience in the area of business and management? Apply for the Master in Management programme in Prague.

The full-time Master’s Programme in Management at the University of Economics, Prague provides students with a comprehensive business education to make them fit for starting a career and assuming responsibility in the fast-changing environment of global management tasks. The study field is suitable for students with analytical thinking who are interested in the business environment with an emphasis on management.

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Double Master’s Degree Programme in Management (NEOMA, Rouen/Reims)

Double Master’s Degree Programme in Management (NEOMA, Rouen/Reims)

The new double degree programme will be delivered in English in both VSE and NEOMA and is open to qualified candidates studying in the Master in Management (MIMG) programme at VSE and in the Master in Management (MIM) programme at NEOMA. Therefore, students of the double degree programme will spend their first year of studies at the home institution and their second year of studies at the host institution.

Both institutions may send up to 5 double-degree students per academic year.

Double Degree in Management & International Business (the ZHAW, SUI)

Double Degree in Management & International Business (the ZHAW, SUI)

Following their first year at their home institution, the qualified VSE candidates will now be able to spend their second year at the host institution of ZHAW School of Management and Law as part of the newly landed Double Degree programme. Delivered in English, the Double Master’s degree programme is offered jointly by the Master in Management (MIMG) programme at VSE and Master’s in International Business from the ZHAW in Switzerland.

Based on the bilateral arrangement, both institutions may send up to 5 double-degree students per AY.

Master in Management (MIMG)

Watch the programme introduction video and a recording from the Open House Day of the International Programmes event where our student Guilherme answers some of the frequently asked questions.

Admission Process to MIMG

  1. Online application 
    Submit an e-application and pay the application fee (50 EUR or 1.350 CZK) by April 30, 2024.

  2. Upload required documents
    Submit proof of proficiency in English and upload your bachelor’s diploma and transcript of records along with a motivation letter in your e-application.

  3. Submit your essay
    Upload an essay on a given economic topic in your e-application till April 30, 2024, and talk to us for a while within a brief interview in Prague or online.

  4. Committee decision
    The admission results will be announced on May 20, 2024, at the latest.

  5. Tuition fee
    Pay the tuition fee (2,500 EUR/semester), get your visa documents (if needed) and you are ready to go.

  6. Enrolment
    Congratulations! Right now, you are a student.

Applications for the Academic Year 2023/2024 are closed. Intake for the academic year 2024/25 will open again in November, with the deadline on April 30, 2024.


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